About us

Constructions Sapena y Lunn, S.L. is a family company, we create new constructions, rehabilitations and renovations.

Established in 1997, on the basis of the experience of its founding partners who had been developing their professional activity in the construction industry (of new buildings and rehabilitations) since 1970.

Our prestige is based on our experience and the quality of finishing at a very competitive price, providing advice and fulfilling duly with the deadline.

We have a great team with plumbers, builders, electricians, interior and exterior painters, plasterers, carpenters, locksmiths, etc. All of them qualified and experienced.

In our company we work alongside experts who will advise you confidently, and with their knowledge, our aim being to offer several options with repairs and home services, providing a choice of materials and completion of the work carried out.

We are based in Jávea and our area of work is within the Marina Alta, though we are more than happy to take on projects in any other areas.

We can assure the quality is the construction made as we always use first quality materials, but overall, you will find in us the trust you need.

Our services

These are some of the services we can offer. If you are interested in any of them and would like more information or you have a request, contact us without compromise.

New Construction

In constructions Sapena y Lunn, S.L., we are specialist in the building of luxury villas, homes and country-side houses. Our compromise is to build comfortable villas and houses from the very beginning, considering all every day needs.

We will advice you over a wide range of possibilities so together we can make the right decision about materials and finishes so to personalize your home to the maximum by keeping in continuous contact.

We offer the most competitive price without compromising quality, always using the best materials and adapting ourselves totally to the client’s needs giving them value for money.

During the construction of your new house, we will always keep you informed of every step of the construction, explaining in detail work completed, sending you videos and photos if you are away, as we wish our clients to always be informed and updated.

Total house reforms

At constructions Sapena y Lunn, S.L. one of our specialties are the total reforms, whether it is an apartment, country house, villa or luxury villa. Our experience in our work will make you feel very confident.

Including in the design and the preparation of the pre Project, we pay special attention to the main installations, water, electricity, gas and we integrate the project totally with the building work, carpentry, painting and walls decoration to leave the owner without any worries, dealing with all the corresponding licenses and removal of waste, making project key in hand.

We have special experience in total reforms, developing the area of your property as profitable with new design tendencies and materials which can make your second residence as comfortable as your every day home.

Bathroom renewals

We are a company who specialize in bathroom reforms. We will advise you in your bathroom project, from choosing the tiles and bath, shower, toilet, and bidet, creating a harmonious and balanced space in your new bathroom.

From economical to high design bathroom furniture, always respecting the maximum quality of finish.

Our renewal bathroom projects are always personalized to the individual, making the most of the space available.

Available to us are a wide range of materials for us to work with.

You can trust in us to make your new bathroom dream a reality, with the best design, quality and price.

Kitchen reforms

We are a company who specialize in kitchen reforms. We work with a very wide range of kitchen units and work tops from economical to high quality. Always reflecting the maximum quality of finish.

One of the most important things is the perfect design and placement of the units and appliances so to make the most of the use of the kitchen, not only in a practical level but also aesthetically, we want our kitchen to last many years.

We will advise you with your kitchen project, from the selection of tiles to the different combinations of colours, finish and kitchen furniture.

Comfortable, elegant and practical kitchens, achieving a harmonious and balanced space.

Wooden, aluminum and PVC carpentry.

We install all kind of enclosures in aluminum and PVC. We work all kind of carpentry, wood, aluminum or PVC. We also supply and install Persian blinds, Majorcan blinds, windows, sliding doors, practicable, Velux windows

We construct and install built in wardrobes, dressers, designs of furniture and shelves all made to measure.

Ceilings and coatings, windows and doors, kitchen furniture. We also supply and fit interior or exterior parquet ( natural or synthetic, floating, laminated, industrial, sportive).All aspects of carpentry, interior and exterior and porches. We will turn into reality any design that is presented. We will source the most adequate and cost effective materials to meet with your budget. We can offer you a solution for everything.

Facades and waterprofing

We carry out all kind of rehabilitations in front facades or structures, whether they are ventilated facades, monolayer or any other special system. If you don’t wish to completely renovate your façade, we also just repair the cracks which might have appeared though the years, from the humidity or the weather. We do all kinds of vertical works ( without having to install scaffolding), which is a great save in time and money. We are a company with professionals in painting and repairing facades and buildings.

We also do waterproofing of terraces, roofs, courtyards, swimming pools and covers in general.


We are a company with professionals who specialize in all kind of exterior flooring. Whether the garden, terraces, garages, industrial premises, swimming pools, in any material, colours and finishes of your choice.

Ask us and we will advise you on solutions for everything, with materials and quality results at a competitive price.

Swimming pools

We build and repair public, private and community swimming pools.

Leave the building of your swimming pool in our hands, we will project manage from beginning to the end, advising you to whatever you need.

We have a great qualified team of professionals to construct the swimming pool you always dreamed of.

Swimming pools of all sizes, from the smallest and more economical ones to the biggest, newest and more sophisticated.

Cast and dry partition (Plasterboard)

We do all kind of works in plaster and plasterboard.

Inside and outside plasterboard for enclosures of gardens, courtyards, etc. as well as shelving and any built in furniture and plasterboard.

We also construct sound proof and thermic and acoustic isolations. We do all kind of ceilings too.

Prefabricated plaster, projected cast, walls, etc

Community services

We do all kind of renewal work in owner’s Communities and Urbanizations, advising and giving a complete and specialized service through our professional team.

We offer you a complete service, from the design of your new doorway, re-constructing a disabled ramp fulfilling all the rules and regulations.

You will see increased the value of the property and will have an updated and functional book of all the communal areas.


We can do any kind of painting work, wherever you might require it, apartment, house, office, industrial premises, neighbours Community, etc.

Our painters can offer you a wide range of finish and colours. Everything require in painting with quality results.

We do a color test and advise you in whatever you need. Our teams of painters are conscientious and aware of their surroundings; therefore our painters always cover and protect the floors, windows and furniture before starting to paint. Leaving everything clean and in place after finishing so you don’t have to worry about anything. We work for individuals, companies, neighbours Communities and Farm administrators.


Our teams of electricians are qualified to do carry out all electrical work in houses, offices, shops, etc.

Offering solutions in lighting and intercoms, and of course we can also provide the official installation bulletin.

Plumbing and Air-conditioning

We have a professional plumbing team who are specialized in bathrooms and kitchens.

We change any bathroom ceramics as well as install all kind of bathroom screens , according to your choice and budget.

We can adapt bathrooms for people with special needs.

We install Osmosis systems and water softeners, and we also update their maintenance. We can replace water installations and repairs of the existing ones, community pipes, leaks, change taps, pressure pumps, water systems…

Our plumbers will repair anything at a competitive price. We also arrange other installations you might need: air conditioning, heating, boilers, heat pumps…

Our company offers you free quotes and quality work. We adapt ourselves to your necessities.

Enclosures of Plots:

We construct fencing. It is always better to have your property fenced to avoid the entering of strangers and also to avoid your plot becoming a rubbish deposit. We construct brick fencing as well as other kinds of fencing. Whatever product you decide, we can build it with bricks, concrete blocks, natural stone etc. Concrete blocks can be covered with natural stone for a similar effect.

If you choose a metallic fencing, we can do it in all kind of nets and fencing, being the most popular within our clients double tension net and Hercules fence.

In both cases, if you wish we can install in the fence itself, materials which not only will give you more privacy, but also a decorative aspect.

The hiding methods used the most by our clients are ecological natural heather and artificial green fencing, though we can also use other materials as mesh concealment (hiding screen), made of timber and artificial bamboo.

If you would like to fence your plot or make it more private, contact us so we can offer a quote without compromise.

Please ask so we can advise and offer you solutions for everything, using quality materials and results at a competitive price.

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